Experimental Plant Ecology

Welcome to the webpage of the DFG Heisenberg Professorship of Experimental Plant Ecology!

Our research focuses on the response of ecosystems to Global Change by experiments across spatial scales (laboratory trials in controlled climate chambers, pot experiments, mesocosm experiments, field scale manipulation experiments, gradient experiments, field observations), mainly in the following fields:

  • Winter ecology (and climatic change in winter).
  • The ecological importance of extreme weather events and interacting climate drivers.
  • The role of plant diversity for ecosystem functioning, with diversity ranging from genetic diversity to species- and functional diversity and spatial diversity on the landscape level.
  • The balance of production and decomposition of plant biomass, mainly belowground and on organic soils.
  • Aquatic ecology and ecology of coastal heathlands (Biological Station of Hiddensee)
Experimental Plant Ecology


Chair of the group
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kreyling

Postal address
Institute of Botany and
Landscape Ecology
University Greifswald

Soldmannstraße 15
D-17487 Greifswald

Tel.: +49 (0)3834 420 4080
Fax: +49 (0)3834 864114

Biological Station Hiddensee
Biologenweg 15
18565 Kloster

Tel.: +49 (0)38300 50251
Fax: +49 (0)38300 346