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Botany: Dates for spring semester 2020

Vorlesungszeit: 06.04.2020–11.07.2020, keine Projektwoche

B.Sc. (En)


Lecture Systematic Botany I:THU 08-10:00 c.t.,Lecture Hall Loitzer Str. 26 (ehem. Kinderklinik) (P. König)

Lecture Systematic Botany II:WED 08-10:00 c.t.,Lecture Hall Loitzer Str. 26 (M. Schnittler)

Lecture Crop plants of the world: MON 12-14:00 c.t.,Lecture Hall Soldmannstr. 23 (P. König)

Course Vascular Plant Determination I / Kurse Pflanzenbestimmungsübungen I: Three courses, each class room Münterstr. 1,

THU 10-12:00 s.t. (M. Bog), 13-15:00 s.t.(P. König), 16-18:00 s.t.(M. Schnittler)

(Half day field trips will start 18:30, after the courses, meeting point as well Münterstr. 1)

Course Plant Determination III / Bestimmungsübungen III (Cryptogamic plants): coupled with field trip Botany (Lithuania, Sept. 24. - Oct. 06).

Botanical Field Course / Botanisches Geländepraktikum (LENC) Week 13.-17.07.2020 (in group, please plan two days for own field work end of May, mid June)

Botanical Field Trip (Botanische Auslandsexkursion): in autumn, 24.09.-06.10., Lithuania, Varena Region, Cryptogamic plants and fungi in moss-rich pine forests; can as well be credited as Course Plant Determination III (after exam on the spot).

Written tests

Makeup test V General Botany / Allgemeine Botanik I + II: 22.04.2019 (WED), 18:00-20:00, Lecture Hall Loitzer Str. 26

Makeup test V Biodversity/  Biodiversität: 09.04.2019 (THU), 18:00 s.t., Soldmannstr. 15, Direktor's Room

Makeup test V Vegetation of the Earth /Europe: 03.4.2020 (FRI), 8:00 s.t., Lecture Hall Soldmannstr. 23

Makeup test Plant Anatomical Exercises / Pflanzenanatomische Übungen: 24.4.2020 (FRI), 13:00 s.t., class room Münterstraße 1.

Test V Crop plants /  Nutzpflanzenkunde: 06.07.2020 (MON), 12:00 s.t., Lecture Hall Soldmannstr. 23; Makeup test: 19.10.2020 (MON), 12:00 s.t. (place not yet decided)

Test V Systematic Botany I+ II / Systematische Botanik I + II: 09.07.2020 (THU), 08:00 s.t., Lecture Hall Loitzer Str. 26; Makeup test: 01.10.2020 (THU), 08:00 s.t., same place

Testat Vascular Plant Determination I /Pflanzenbestimmungsübungen I: 9.7.2020 (THU), 17:00 s.t., Lecture Hall Loitzer Str. 26 (ehem. Kinderklinik); Makeup test: 01.10.2020 (THU), 13:00 s.t., same place

Testat Botanical Field Course / Bot. Geländepraktikum (=submission plant collection / Herbar) 17.07.2019, Makeup (2. submission date): 01.10.2019 (see E. Seeber, Bot. Collections, first floor Soldmannstr. 15)

Testat Pflanzenbestimmungsübungen III (Cryptogams): with Botanical Field trip



The MSc-Module of the working group General Botany and Plant Systematics (1 Plant Population Genetics, 2 Plant Conservation Biology) will be offered each spring semester. For 2020 we will offer the module „Botanical Species Conservation“ (Botanischer Artenschutz), duration is one semester. Group: 8 students.

First meeting with all interested students: Monday, Apr. 6, 2 pm, Soldmannstr. 15, Directors Room


Lecture (V) „Population Biology of Plants“ (Populationsbiologie der Pflanzen, 2SWS/2LP, M. Bog)

Double lectures (WED, 12-16:00 Seminar room Soldmannstr. 15) Dates: Apr 08, 22, May 06, 20, June 10, 24, July 8

Lecture (V) „Botanical Species Conservation“ (Botanischer Artenschutz, 2SWS/2LP, M. Schnittler)

Double lectures (TUE, 14-18:00 Seminar room Soldmannstr. 15) Dates: Apr 07, 21, May 05, 19, June 09, 23, July 7

Seminar (S) „Investigation of autecological data in Plants“ (Untersuchungsmethoden zur Autökologie bei Pflanzen, 2SWS/2LP, M. Schnittler, M. Bog, N. Dagamac)

Four afternoon sessions (MON, 14-19:00, Director‘s Room, Soldmannstr. 15) Dates: May 04, 18, June 8, 22 (room reserved)

Lab Course (P) „Experiments in Plant Population Biology“ (MSc BioDiv 5SWS/6LP / MSc LaÖk 2SWS/2LP), Time: on agreement
Two groups with 4 students each, topics planned are

Beginning of spring semester: Molecular biology in Gagea (Goldstern, star of Betlehem)

Mid of spring semester: Floricolous myxomycetes


Test / oral exam V Population Biology of Plants: 10.07.2020 (WED), Seminar room Soldmannstr. 15, 14:00 s.t. (last lecture)

Test / oral exam V Botanical Species Conservation: 09.07.2020 (TUE), Seminar room Soldmannstr. 15, 14:00 s.t. (last lecture)