Current Informations

Botany: Dates for the spring semester 2019

Lecture period: 01.04.2019–13.07.2019, no lectures (project week): 11.06.2019–15.06.2019



V Systematic Botany I:THU 08-10:00 c.t., Lecture Hall Loitzer Str. 26 (P. König)

V Systematic Botany II:WED 08-10:00 c.t.,Lecture Hall Loitzer Str. 26 (M. Schnittler)

V Crops and cultivated plants: MON 12-14:00 c.t.,Lecture Hall Soldmannstr. 23 (Vogelwarte) (P. König)

Course Vascular Plant Determination I / Kurse Pflanzenbestimmungsübungen I: Three courses, each class room Münterstr. 1,

1 THU 10-12:00 s.t.(M. Bog)

2 THU 13-15:00 s.t.(P. König)

3 THU 16-18:00 s.t.(M. Schnittler)

Course Vascular Plant Determination II /Bestimmungsübungen II (Fortgeschrittene): coupled with field trip Botany

Half-Day field trips / Botanische Halbtagsexkursionen (Bring determination book „Rothmaler“ & hand lens!): coupled to course Vascualr Plant Determination I, times will be announced there

Botanical Field Course / Botanisches Geländepraktikum (LENC) Woche 15.-19.07.2019 (in Gruppen)

Botanische Field trip (1 Week): 10.-21.6.2019, Sierra Nevada, Spain



Written tests

Makeup test V General Botany / Allgemeine Botanik I + II: 17.04.2019 (WED), 18:00-20:00, Lecture Hall Loitzer Str. 26

Makeup test V Biodversity/  Biodiversität: 09.04.2019 (TUE), 18:00 s.t., Soldmannstr. 15, Direktor's Room

Makeup test V Vegetation of the Earth /Europe: 12.4.2019 (FRI), 8:00 s.t., Lecture Hall Soldmannstr. 23

Makeup test Plant Anatomical Exercises / Pflanzenanatomische Übungen: 26.4.2019 (FRI), 13:00 s.t., class room Münterstraße 1.

Test V Crop plants /  Nutzpflanzenkunde: 08.07.2019 (MON), 12:00 s.t., Lecture Hall Soldmannstr. 23

Test V Systmatic Botany I+ II / Systematische Botanik I + II: 11.07.2019 (THU), 08:00 s.t., Lecture Hall Loitzer Str. 26; Makeup test: 02.10.2019 (Mi!), 08:00 s.t., same place

Testat Vascular Plant Determination I /Pflanzenbestimmungsübungen I: 11.7.2019 (THU), 17:00 s.t., Lecture Hall Loitzer Str. 26 (ehem. Kinderklinik); Makeup test: 02.10.2019 (Mi!), 13:00 s.t., same place

Testat Botanical Field Course / Bot. Geländepraktikum (=submission plant collection / Herbar) 11.07.2019, Makeup (2. submission date): 02.10.2019 (see E. Seeber, Bot. Collections, ground floor Soldmannstr. 15)

Testat Pflanzenbestimmungsübungen II („Kritische Sippen“): with Botanical Field trip


The MSc-Modules of the working group General Botany and Plant Systematics (1 Plant Population Genetics, 2 Plant Conservation Biology) will be offered each spring semester, alterating with each other. For 2019 we will offer the module „Botanical Species Conservation“ (Botanischer Artenschutz), duration is one semester.

Lecture (V) „Population Biology of Plants“ (Populationsbiologie der Pflanzen, 2SWS/2LP, M. Bog)

Double lectures (WED, 12-16:00 Seminar room Soldmannstr. 15) Dates: Apr 10, 24, May 08, 22, June 05, 26

Lecture (V) „Botanical Species Conservation“ (Botanischer Artenschutz, 2SWS/2LP, M. Schnittler)

Double lectures (TUE, 14-18:00 Seminar room Soldmannstr. 15) Dates: Apr 09, 23, May 07, 21, June 04, 25

Seminar (S) „Investigation of autecological data in Plants“ (Untersuchungsmethoden zur Autökologie bei Pflanzen, 2SWS/2LP, M. Schnittler, M. Bog, N. Dagamac)

Four afternoon sessions (MON, 14-19:00, Director‘s Room, Soldmannstr. 15) Dates: Apr. 08; May 06, 20, June 03 (room reserved)

Lab Course (P) „Experiments in Plant Population Biology“ (MSc BioDiv 5SWS/6LP / MSc LaÖk 2SWS/2LP),  Time: on agreement

Test / oral exam V Population Biology of Plants: 10.07.2019 (WED), Seminar room Soldmannstr. 15, 14:00 s.t. (last lecture)

Test / oral exam V Botanical Species Conservation: 09.07.2019 (TUE), Seminar room Soldmannstr. 15, 14:00 s.t. (last lecture)