Experimental Plant Ecology

Aron Garthen


Phone 03834 4204193
Room 1.03

I am interested in ecosystem functioning and sustainable use of peatlands and forests. My PhD project WetWin focuses on temperate broad-leaved forests. I investigate the importance of winter precipitation for the ecology and biogeochemistry of beech forests along a large climatic gradient from warmer sites near Rostock to colder and snowy sites near Gdansk in Poland. Experimental treatments will manipulate the amount of rain and snow that reaches the target trees. The aim of the project is a better understanding of how beech will cope with climate change, especially with warming and increased precipitation during winter. This is a crucial question for the development of existing beech forests at their north-eastern distribution range and may also be of interest for forestry.



Since 2021

PhD student in the WetWin project, Experimental Plant Ecology, University of Greifswald


Research internship in Costa Rica

2018 –2021

M. Sc. Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation, University of Greifswald

Master thesis: Drought tolerance of tetra- and octoploid clones of Phragmites australis


Study semester in Norway, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Evenstad


Internship in Spain (La Palma), Organic banana plantation “PlatanoLógico“

2014 –2018

B. Sc. Landschaftsökologie und Naturschutz International, University of Greifswald

Bachelor thesis: Inter-individual variation in spring phenology of European beech



Malyshev, A. V., van der Maaten, E., Garthen, A., Maß, D., Schwabe, M., & Kreyling, J.
Inter-Individual budburst variation in Fagus sylvatica is driven by warming rate.
Frontiers in Plant Science, 13.