Landscape Ecology and Ecosystem Dynamics

The working group is strongly involved in the study programs “Landscape ecology and nature conservation” (Diplom, B.Sc., and M.Sc.), and contributes several teaching modules to the biological and geographical study programs.

Research focus:

  • Ecosystem Dynamics / Forest Ecology

  • Global Change

  • Sustainable land use and land use concepts in Eurasia

  • Landscape development, Vegetation databases

University forests reveal effects of drought on important tree species in Germany

New study by Tobias Scharnweber et al. (published in Environmental Research Letters) shows the effect of two consecutive drought years, 2018 and 2019. In 2018, even though it hardly rained, there was enough soil water – trees grew fine. In 2019 it became too dry – trees suffered badly.


Prof. Martin Wilmking, Ph.D.


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Video presentation of the working group Landscape Ecology and Ecosystem Dynamics (with English subtitles)