Projekte - Experimentelle Pflanzenökologie

Bud dormancy under climate warming

Warming-induced changes in bud dormancy and their effects on leaf phenology in common European tree species.

Finanzierung: DFG

Laufzeit: 2018 - 2021

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Stoffumsetzungsprozesse an Moor- und Küstenstandorten als Grundlage für Landnutzung, Klimawirkung und Gewässerschutz. (Verbundprojekt)

Finanzierung: Exzelleninitiative des Landes Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Laufzeit: 2017 bis 2021

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Restoration and prognosis of peat formation in fens - linking diversity in plant functional traits to soil biological and biogeochemical processes. (Verbundprojekt)

Finanzierung: DFG (ERA-Net BiodivERsA)

Laufzeit: 2017-2020

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Baltic Coastal System Analysis and Status Evaluation. (Verbundprojekt)

Finanzierung: BMBF

Laufzeit: 2016 - 2019

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Potentials and limits of phenotypic plasticity and genetic adaptation in Fagus sylvatica (Project A6 in DFG Research Training Group 2010 “RESPONSE”: Biological RESPONSEs to Novel and Changing Environments).

Finanzierung: DFG

Laufzeit: 2015-2019

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Snow in temperate forests

The ecological and biogeochemical importance of snow cover for temperate forest ecosystems (Gradient Field Experiment combined with climate chamber experiments).

Finanzierung: DFG

Laufzeit: 2016-2018

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International Drought Experiment

Contributing one site of coastal heathlands on Hiddensee to the International Drought Experiment (IDE) within Drought-Net (a global network to assess terrestrial ecosystem sensitivity to drought) with field scale drought and snow-removal experiments.

Laufzeit: 2015-2018

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Effects of extreme weather events (drought, heavy rain, freeze-thaw cycles) and biodiversity on ecosystem function

Finanzierung: DFG, State of Bavaria, Oberfrankenstiftung

Laufzeit: 2005-fortlaufend

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Effects of extreme weather events on biodiversity, ecosystem functions, resilience and tipping points in grasslands along a pan-European climatic gradient (Distributed Coordinated Field and Mesocosm Experiments

Finanzierung: ERA-Net BiodivERsa

Laufzeit: 2013-2017

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