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April 2024: Guest scientist from Azerbaijan in the working group

We welcome Dr. Sahil Quliyev from Azerbaijan, who is conducting research on degradation phenomena on common pastures of selected villages in the Lesser Caucasus as part of a postdoctoral project funded by the Volkswagen Foundation. He will be in Greifswald until the end of May and will cooperate with Michael Manthey and Regina Neudert to analyze his landscape-ecological and socio-economic data.

December 04, 2023: Moonwood - Esoteric forest magic cannot be scientifically proven

So-called "moon wood" is said to have better wood properties than normal wood. It is felled at certain phases of the moon and then marketed at a high price. Is this a sales gimmick or is there actually scientific evidence of higher wood quality? Researchers from the Landscape Ecology and Ecosystem Dynamics working group at the University of Greifswald and researchers from Switzerland used the latest forest ecology sensor technology for a test. The results of their study were published in November 2023 in the journal Scientific Reports in the article "Dendrometers challenge the 'moon wood concept' by elucidating the absence of lunar cycles in tree stem radius oscillation". Conclusion: From a scientific point of view, there is no reason to pay "moon prices" for so-called "moon wood".

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October 2023: new trainee in the dendrolab

DendroGreif welcomes Magdalena Terlecka from the Institute of Dendrology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Magdalena is doing her PhD related to the ecological consequences of clonality and dioecy in Populus alba. Research examines the differences between clonal individuals and singletons, including: differences between the width of annual growth rings and the response of individuals to climate changes. For three months, Madalena will continue her research in the form of an internship abroad in our dendrolab. Welcome Magdalena!