November 20th, 2013: Ph.D. Colloquium

Martin Hallinger's topic of his Ph.D. was "Shrubs in Time and Space - Alpine and Arctic Shrubdendroecology". On November 20th he successfully defended his doctoral thesis. Congratulations!

November 4th, 2013: Article in local newspaper about donation campaign "A tree for my university"

The recently started donation campaign "A tree for my university" of our working group is subject of an article in the local newspaper "Ostseezeitung". In the article Almuth Klemenz talks about the campaign's aim and current status. After two weeks almost 50 people have donated more than 200 €. The campaign is still ongoing and donations are welcome anytime!

October 14th, 2013: Ph.D. Colloquium

Allan Buras successfully defended his doctoral thesis "Assessing the carbon sequestration potential of Populus euphratica and Haloxylon spec. in Central Asian Desert ecosystems". Congratulations! 

Lehrstuhl für Landschaftsökologie

October 12th, 2013: Donation campaign "A tree for my university" has started

On October 12th the comprehensive donation campaign "A tree for my university" has started. Students, staff, alumni and external people can become godparents for trees which will be planted on university property. The campaign is scientifically attended by the "CO2-neutral university" project (accounting the CO2-fixation of the planted trees to compensate the university's emissions) and coordinated by Almuth Klemenz, research associate of our working group.

We are glad about the successful start of the campaign! Almost 40 donors, more than half of them students, already participated in the donation campaign. We wish the willingness to donate money will last also during the next weeks and months!

August 24th, 2013: Contribution to the 5th Climate-Actionday

The 5th Climate-Actionday was organized this year together with the 10th district festival of the "Fleischervorstadt". The team of the "CO2-neutral university" project represented the university as partner of the climate protection alliance Greifswald 2020 with an information desk and furthermore organized two experimental lectures for children.

August 2013: Article in "Junge Akademie" magazine

The working group "Sustainability" of the "Junge Akademie" which was founded by Prof. Martin Wilmking published a collective article in the academy's magazine. Four members of the working group depict their perspectives on the question: "Does the idea of sustainability fail?" In his statement, Martin Wilmking focuses on the sustainability discourse at universities and recommends the institutional implementation of sustainability in research, teaching and university's operation. Looking on their own energy and matter fluxes and including these aspects in research and teaching, the universities could become excellent examples for sustainability on-site. Martin Wilmking would like the universities to take more action regarding sustainability aspects and that they - as happened so often in history - understand this debate as a chance to position themselves as a role model of a societal change. 

You can find the complete article here (available in German only).

August 2013: We have moved!

Our working group has moved out of the "Old Villa" into the Botanical Garden in Münterstr. 2. From now on you can find us right around the corner in Soldmannstr. 15. Welcome!

Lehrstuhl für Landschaftsökologie

July 17th, 2013: Article in local newspaper about Max von Maltzahn`s diploma thesis

Max von Maltzahn`s diploma thesis was subject of an article in the local newspaper "Ostseezeitung". Max has recently defended his thesis about the question, if Greifswald University could become an operator of wind power plants. According to his results the university could earn at least 85.000 € per year through operating one wind power plant. For that purpose an investment of about half a million € would be needed. To reach CO2-neutrality, the operation of two wind power plants would be necessary, states Max von Maltzahn.


July 2013: duz-Article about climate protection at universities

The "Unabhängige Deutsche Universitätszeitung duz" (Independent German University`s Newspaper) provides detailed information about the "CO2-neutral University" project at Greifswald University in an article about climate protection at universities . The article quotes extracts from interviews with Dr. Monique Wölk, coordinator of the "CO2-neutral University" project, and the environmental manager of Leuphana University Lüneburg, Irmhild Brüggen. Both universities aim to reach carbon neutrality within the next few years - Leuphana University wants to reduce emissions by building a new energy-plus main lecture hall, whereas Greifswald is particulary counting on university`s property that holds the potential of CO2-neutrality.

June 2013: Award at international photo contest "Visions and Images of Fascination"

The picture titled "Translucent Tree" by Martin Hallinger, doctoral student in our working group, was awarded at the international and interdisciplinary photo contest "Visions and Images of Fascination: Humanities and Sciences Visualised". The contest was organized by the German "Junge Akademie" in cooperation with five other international young academies. More than 500 pictures were submitted.

Martin Hallinger about his picture: "Thin-sections of tree or shrub wood reveal morphological structures like cell size and the borders of annual rings: The information obtained by measuring these characteristics can supply a large array of information about morphological and anatomical processes, wood formation and climatic influences on shrub or tree growth. For me, a picture like this shows the immense beauty of structures normally hidden from the human eye; sometimes resembling the colourful glass windows of churches."

Lehrstuhl für Landschaftsökologie

"Translucent Tree", awarded picture by Martin Hallinger

Website of the picture contest:

Publication in the magazine of "Junge Akademie": (available in German only)

June 5th, 2013: Environmental Action Day

On June 5th 2013, the United Nation`s World Environmental Day, Greifswald University hosts its first Environmental Action Day, organized by the team of the "CO2-neutral University" project and the AG Umweltmanagement.

A report of webmoritz you can find here (available in German only).

May/June 2013: Personnel Matters

Since 1st of May our team has enlarged by two reseach associates: Dr. Marieke van der Maaten-
und Dr. Ernst van der Maaten. Both of them received their doctor's degree at Freiburg University and will concentrate their work on the research focus "Forest Ecology".

On July 1st Dr. Jeong-Wook Seo will leave our working group. He accepted a permanent position as a research associate in the Department of Forest Products, Division of Wood Engineering at the Korean Forest Research Institute in Seoul (South Korea). We would like to wish him and his family all the best for the future!

April 9th, 2013: International Climate Protection Fellows of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation visiting Greifswald University

All International Climate Protection Fellows of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation of the year 2012/13 stopped for a short visit at Greifswald University on their way from Vilm island to Berlin. The program in Greifswald included talks from Prof. Martin Wilmking and M.Sc. Erica Udas, Humboldt Fellow at Greifswald University, and a guided tour through the university's Aula and "Karzer", the historical detention room.

March 14th-15th, 2013: "Journey through a trunk" - Children`s and Youth University Greifswald 2013

Our working group participated in the Children's and Youth University Greifswald 2013 by offering the "Journey through a trunk" - a mixture of outdoor lecture, interactive games and mysteries about trees and their functions. Although we still had ice and snow, we were lucky to have so much sunshine keeping us warm on our adventurous voyage.

February, 14th-16th 2013: Reed worldwide relevant- international conference "Reed as a Renewable Resource"

With the international conference for the utilization of wetland plants the Greifswald landscape ecology and peatland group attracted attention of 160 experts from all over the world. Many participants found the atmosphere of the event called "Reed as a Renewable Resource" enthusiastic. The conference gathered the multiple aspects of using wetlands plants and brought together politicians and scientists from all over the world- from the baltic to Bangladesh, from Canada to China.

The "reed-pioniers" now want to improve their networking and express their interest not only towards policy, administration and agriculture but industry as well. Positive side effects of rewetting wetlands and utilization of wetland plants shall become public. For rewetting and sustainable use of peatlands on the one hand an adaption of the legal and administrative framework is necessary and on the other hand an acceptance of biomass from wetlands as a kind of agricultural use.

January 28th, 2013: Article in local newspaper about the results of Benedikt Gerigk`s diploma thesis

The results of Benedikt Gerigk's diploma thesis „Vegetationsformen, Wasserstufen und vertikale Kohlenstoffflüsse: Anwendung des GEST-Modells auf die Grünlandflächen der Universität Greifswald" (“Vegetation forms, water levels and vertical carbon fluxes: Application of the GEST model on the grasslands of Greifswald university“) are subject of an article in the local newspaper. Benedikt Gerigk's calculations imply that the 800 ha university grasslands emit a yearly amount of 7000 t CO2 – which is almost the amount of CO2 that the university is emitting every year due to operation. These data add another important piece for the “CO2-neutral University” project and will be considered when thinking of compensation strategies.

January 24th, 2013: Exhibition of “Energie nachhaltig nutzen” in the public library of Greifswald

The exhibit „Energie nachhaltig nutzen – Ein Simulationsspiel über den nachhaltigen Umgang von Energie in Greifswald“ (“Using energy in a sustainable way – A simulation game about the sustainable use of energy in Greifswald”), which was developed at the chair of Landscape Ecology will be shown in the public library of Greifswald from February 1st until March 31st.

Stadtbibliothek Hans Fallada
Knopfstraße 18-20
17489 Greifswald

Mo, Tue, Fr 10.00 - 18.00 
Thu 10.00 - 20.00 
Sa 10.00 - 13.00 
Wed closed

January 12th/13th, 2013: “Green Engagement“ of German universities and at Greifswald University – article in FAZ

More and more universities are dealing with questions of sustainability as well as environment and resource protection. The article presents some examples for this development from different universities, also mentioning the project “Carbon Neutral University Greifswald”. With their dedication to environment related issues universities have found a strategy to bid for future students.

article (available in German only):